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Sarah Tietje-Mietz - painter

Artist Statement

My work is heavily influenced by landscapes, cityscapes and architecture, and the intrigue created when this world in front of us changes as night falls; shapes and structures warp and expand, shadows lengthen, lines blurs, friendly faces become strangers, and light takes on an ethereal quality. I attempt to capture these moments in my work; when the everyday moves into the almost magical, and you have been caught in something both familiar and separate.

Artistic Process

I begin by photographing places that are familiar to me, but illuminated at night by streetlights, cars, outdoor lighting, etc. I then print these photos, and use them as a guide for the oil painting. For the painting, I begin with a canvas that I have primed and drawn a grid on. Then using different colors for each square on the grid, begin to fill in the painting. I do this first in larger swaths, then becoming more and more detailed. Each layer is very thin, which helps in creating the luminosity against the darkness. finally, the painting is varnished, to full bring out the depths of darks and lights achieved.


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