Our 2023 donors


  • Pelco Component Technologies
  • Fuzzy Bunny Industries
  • Kathy Bice
  • Canterbury Stables


  • Carlos & Jennifer Gavilondo
  • Larry & Glenda Wetzel
  • Madison County Distillery - Mike Basla
  • Robert & Teresa Parke


  • Atwell Mill, LLC - Gordon Schutzendorf
  • Remlap Construction Inc - Michael Palmer
  • Kristi Andersen
  • CazCans - Jessica Amidon
  • Frog Happy - Jennifer Hooley
  • Dave Porter
  • Lincklaen House & Hampton Inn Cazenovia
  • MacKinnon Liquors - Tracy McKinnon


  • Re/Max Masters - Cindy Clark
  • David Vredenburgh & Betsy Kennedy
  • Spruce Hill Landscape - Amanda & Jon Kogut
  • Ted & Barb Bartlett


  • Elaine Rubenstein

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Below are links for the application and information packet for the 2024 Art Trail. The deadline for submission is April 30th.

Download the 2024 Art Trail artist application (PDF).

Download the 2024 Art Trail information packet (PDF).

Fees The application fee is $50. See the application form for further details.

Studio Listing - When possible, each artist should show in his/her own studio or work space. The artist studio must be located in the greater Cazenovia area. Alternatively, artists can show in an "Art Hub" (see below). Artists who collaborate can apply together only if all the work they intend to show is collaborative; they will have one listing. Couples who produce separate work will have two listings in the catalog and will each pay the application fee.

Art Hubs - If an artist does not have a studio or work place that is available to the public they may display at an “Art Hub”.¬† The Art Hubs will be open from 10 am to 5 pm on the two Art Trail days.¬† The Art Hub location will be listed for the public to come enjoy an artist’s work at that location.¬† Artists will still need to develop a plan to educate the public about how they create their art and a plan for making the educational experience available to the public during the Art Trail weekends. Please contact us if you are interested in showing in an Art Hub.

Images - Several images will of the artwork will be needed for the application. Images should be of a professional quality and representative of the work that visitors would see during the Art Trail. Please see the application form for further details.



Contact us via email : arttrail@cacda.net

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