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Rochelle Reed - mixed media artist


Artist Statement

Rochelle creates unique artwork using found materials from around the world. These materials can be from a beach, metal detected, mud larked (dug out of the mud), river bank finds, repurposed "junk" found at old abandoned dumps & more. Some examples of materials used include rusty metal, sea pottery, sea glass, sea shells, driftwood, sticks, old found broken toys, vintage clock & watch components, pebbles, wire, old bottles and pieces of vintage dishes found in the mud.

Artistic Process

The found item is cleaned and dried carefully. I inspect the item for structural integrity and for safety in using it, i.e., eliminating jagged edges, broken rusty metal, sharp shards, etc. Then the fun begins designing the artwork. I go through the materials collected to find items that suit the elements in the artwork design I have visualized. Once a design is laid out it will be glued onto the canvas board. When the glue cures, usually within 24-48 hours, the artwork can then be signed, framed and labeled.

You can see more of Rochelle's work at her site https://simplymadebyro.com/.

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