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Rick Marchant - painter and drawing artist

Artist Statement

My work is the result of both lengthy planning and trial and error.  It is not an event, but rather an evolution.  I enjoy the challenge of painting and the commitment necessary to reach a completion.  It is important to enjoy the process of painting and seeing a work evolve.  Although I embrace the idea of working in loose, spontaneous style, I usually return to a more objective, mechanical approach.  It is important to make art in a manner that is natural and comfortable and let that evolve with time.

Artistic Process

My work begins with a subject I am familiar with and interested in.  My technique is somewhat procedural, and represents a considerable amount of time.  Once I commit to a subject, I look to establish a composition using photos and drawing to see the relationship of values.  From that, a rough sketch is put on canvas and an under painting is completed.  Then I paint, defining shape and perspective as I progress.  This takes time, as much of the drawing and all of the detail is refined with the paintbrush.


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