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Neal Parker - woodworker


Artist Statement

Woodworking is a language I understand, and is a way to express myself. I love that each new project has endless possibilities and challenges, which keeps me learning and growing as· an artist. Entering my shop each day always feels like a breath of fresh air. ·At GingerWoodWorks we feel that wood has a life. As wood is transformed into something new, with it comes the soul of each craftsman that works on it. Because of this, each project varies and carries its own unique characteristics. No matter what the end product, each piece carries the passion of the craftsman and an endless dedication to quality.

Artistic Process

Each project from GingerWoodWorksbegins with an idea. Our designs are born of necessity, so each is unique and completely customizable. Clients come to us with building projects that run the gamut from a table for an odd-shaped room, to a chair that's just slightly taller than average. Every day in the wood shop is a new adventure, which makes our job anything but a chore. When we have decided on a design and specifications with our clients, we move on to the most important part of the journey. Sourcing and preparing wood for a piece is a process that ensures each one .of our creations is distinctive and will last for generations. By the end of the process, you have a piece that is made with care and speaks to you personally . . . as only a one-of-a-kind design can.

You can learn more about Neal and GingerWoodWorks at https://www.gingerwood.works/ or at the Instagram for GingerWoodworks.

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