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Michael McBane - painter

Artist Statement

I seek to find the pulse of the creative purpose in my painting. Creativity nurtures the soul of both those who create and those who participate in what is being created as they experience the painting or drawing. My work is diverse, colorful and, many say, filled with life. My subjects are the life around me.

My gallery has a broad collection of many of my recent paintings and subjects.

Artistic Process

I love color and how it plays within differing shapes and textures. I do have subjects that I paint but there is an underlining flow that is always there that is revealed in the colors I work with.

Most of my work is done with acrylics, using a color spectrum that is brilliant and full of light. I work with a very diverse influence but usually I simply see as I paint from the spark of a conceptual thought or internal vision that awakens my senses to creativity. 


You can see more of Michael's work at his site http://themcbanes.wixsite.com/colors-of-my-world.


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