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Leigh Yardley - painter


Artist Statement

I create paintings and installations based on my observations and immersion in the systems of landscape. The encounter plays a fundamental role in my work. These interactions with space are motivated by a desire for a relationship with a place and the moment. By walking, looking, collecting detritus and using material that becomes an element of that space the work becomes a distillation of the encounter.

Artistic Process

The process of creating work is developmental a walk in the woods in April may result in a drawing of Bloodroot, Hepatica or a peice of dertitus that was left 50 years ago. That drawing may be scanned and used multiple times in digital prints that become a part of several paintings. The paintings start as abstractions of a space that I have spent time in imagery is layered in builting up context through association.

You can see more of Leigh's work at her site https://leighyardley.com.

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