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Jerry Weimar - photographer


Artist Statement

Jerry is an Adirondack 46er whose photographic interests were originally inspired by the glory of the Adirondack Mountains. His work focuses on Upstate NY, but also includes the Arctic regions of Greenland, Iceland and Svalbard, and other places in North America. He has been doing landscape photography for 25+ years, and attempts to express the essence of natural places with images that capture their light, colors and moods, while drawing the viewer into emotional experiences with the natural world. He is especially fond of minimalistic and abstract landscapes.

Artistic Process

Much of the best photography starts with falling in love with your subject, and wanting to share the essence of that subject with others. Since I love being outside, for me that subject is usually a place. I try to convey the emotion one feels when visiting a beautiful or spectacular or familiar place. It involves working a subject from a variety of perspectives to realize an emotive composition. It also requires using the light, weather and seasons effectively. Sometimes I work a single scene over a period of years, and convey the "essence of place" in a series of images. I see modern digital cameras simply as tools to capture the most visual information from a scene, the digital darkroom as a place to develop that scene info into one's vision, and a traditional or metal print as the best way to share with others. I do traditional prints in my lab on a large-scale Epson 7900 printer, and send out for metal prints. I am currently using Nikon Z-System cameras and lenses, and Capture One for digital development of raw images.

You can see more of Jerry's work at his site https://photos.jerryweimar.com/.

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