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Federico Meira - woodworker


Artist Statement

Maybe it's because when I was one year old and I crossed the Atlantic on a cargo ship from Buenos Aires to London, that at a very early age in my life I developed a passion for ships and sailing. I studied architecture at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, where I learned how to sketch, draw and make models to visualize my designs. I sailed every weekend and found inspiration for my projects.  After finishing college, I traveled to America looking for opportunities to learn how to build boats, work with wood and design sails, eventually moving to Spain where I became a successful sailmaker.

In the early 80's, when technology fundamentally changed how architects started to apply computers as a tool that eventually replaced pens and drafting tables, I embraced the new design technology in my profession. I traveled extensively to many places in the world and ended finally settling in Cazenovia where I found work, love and a beautiful lake to sail. After retirement I taught canoe building at the Morrisville College Wood Technology program. My American dream became true.  

All those experiences are reflected in my work. The designs of my furniture and wood pieces incorporate curved lines and shapes of sailboats and sails.  I also include details influenced by what I have seen on our travels to the ancient Maya and Inca cities in Central and South America.

Artistic Process

I have never used any existing furniture plans or designs other than my own creations. I work mostly with local woods (cherry, walnut, ash, maple) and reclaimed wood that I find.  When I have an idea for a cabinet or a table, I make multiple sketches of the design and use my computer to build a 3D model that helps me visualize how the proportions and dimensions of the piece will look when finished. In my wood shop I have a section that has all the power tools I need to process the wood I select.   I use hand tools mostly for joining, inlays, carving and turning. I have been commissioned to design and make furniture but most of my pieces have ended with my extended family.  

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