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Alyson Markell - painter


Artist Statement

My work explores the potential for the unexpected. The Images in my work reflects my surroundings as well as my love for the natural environment. I often use horses not only for my love and knowledge of them but also because they express freedom and movement. The abstract nature of the work allows for a more spontaneous expression, blurring the lines between the fine art of painting and printing. My background is steeped in the tradition of the nude and figure as subject matter. I spent 10 years using my creative and artistic talents at Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucas Digital in San Francisco, California, where I created animal and human characters for dozens of blockbuster hit movies. Trained as a traditional sculptor, painter and modeler, I have garnered a reputation for capturing the likeness of animals and fanciful creatures on film and in fine art. In 2006, I returned to Cazenovia, New York State where I am engaged as a full time artist.

Artistic Process

Alyson Markell creates both collage and painting into one process. The canvas is a mosaic of hand painted papers that are torn into bits of tesserae like pieces which are glued to the surface, creating a playful interaction of color, form and movement. The push and pull of fragmented color and pattern create a flickering movement exciting the eye to follow the equine form across the picture plane.

The a box of painted papers is sorted andindividually selected, hand torn and then attached to surface with archival PH glue. Once the composition is completed the entire surface is coated with a UV protective acrylic glase.

You can see more of Alyson's work at her site https://www.alysonmarkell.com/.

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