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Cazenovia Cut Block - woodworkers


Artist Statement

Cazenovia Cut Block started out as a hobby...then a passion...and now a business. Tim Hughes started playing around in his garage with some woodworking tools and slowly added more and more to his collection. Friends would ask him to help create pieces for them, or he would make pieces to give as gifts. Soon, with the help of family, Tim turned this into a thriving business.

Cazenovia Cut Block has gone through many changes over the past five years. Originally called simply - Caretaker's Furnishings, the company was named after the home Tim shares with his wife Jennifer. It had been the home to Tim's grandparents who were the caretakers for Notleymere Cottage, an estate across the road. While this was a sentimental name for Tim, it did not resonate with customers. Tim changed the name to Cazenovia Cut Block to reflect the products being produced. This name change has helped the business explode.

Cazenovia Cut Block was first launched at the Farmer's Market in Cazenovia, New York. There was an immediate buzz about the booth. Soon, customers started calling in the middle of the week to order items for pick-up at the market. We soon started to receive orders for an expanded offering. Customers were requesting custom countertops, tables, and butcher block islands. Customers can view our entire inventory and purchase what we have in stock, or they can make a request for a custom piece. Our products make great gifts or are a nice addition to your own home.

Cazenovia Cut Block is proud to say that our products are 100% made in America. Every product is hand crafted on East Lake Road in Cazenovia, and all of our wood is native to New York State. We are also proud to be a family business. Tim and his sister, McKenzie, personally take care of each and every customer. They also have help from their parents, Parnell and Sandra. Tim's wife, Jen and children, Finley and Tatum, pitch in to help whenever possible. They couldn't do it without the help of Josh, Tom, Mark, Neal, and Ben, the other talented woodworkers in the shop!


Artistic Process

Cazenovia Cut Block prides itself on using naturally felled wood local to Cazenovia.  We receive man phone calls asking us to pick up fallen trees.  We allow these trees to dry over time.  In addition, we utilize Johnson Lumber and Benedict.  The majority of the rest of our wood is from New York. 

We then use the wood to hand turn bowls on the lathe with a chisel.  We have a crew that works closely together in our shop.  They cut, sand and assemble everything primarily by hand.  We create live edge paddle boards, presentation boards, tables and furniture using this wood.  We create cutting boards, iPad stands, wine holders and many more items for our customers.  We are currently shipping all over the country.

One item we make is not from New York.  Our Adirondack charges are made from cypress out of Mississippi since it weathers the best.

Many of our jobs are done off site which forces us to leave the shop.  This is the only way to guarantee a perfect custom job.  Most of our work is left in its natural state.  We rarely add dye.  We use a mineral oil and beeswax finish to keep our bowls and boards food safe.

We welcome all visitors to watch us work at a safe distance.  Some of our processes are very dangerous.

You can see more of Cazenovia Cut Block's pieces at their site cazenoviacutblock.com.

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