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S.L. Halperin - sculptor/painter

Artist Statement

I carve, I paint, I assemble. Sometimes I combine wood, oil on canvas and stained birch bark. My goal as an artist is to create pieces that capture the essence and beauty of the natural world, and present them in a way that hasn’t been seen before. I put a lot of hours and energy into each piece and don’t put it up for sale unless it reaches a point of perfection that my eye sees according to rules of composition, color and form.

Artistic Process

Up until recently, I had been living in the northern part of the Adirondacks. The cedar and birch all comes from land we have there and is always sustainably harvested. The carvings that I do are free-carved using hand held power tools. I do not use a lathe. The carvings take many hours to complete. On of my newly completed carved sculptured bowls, “Raven with Tail Feathers” took over 40 hours to create.

The wall pieces that I construct are made using various woods, plus oil on canvas and stained or painted barks. These mixed media pieces are fun to work on but also very challenging to get the materials to work in unison. When it happens, a bit of magic is created.


You can learn about and see more of Shawn's work at her website, shawnlewishalperin.com.


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