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  • Dave Porter & Betsy Moore


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Map of 2017 Cazenovia Art Trail

Below is a link to a printable PDF version and the interactive Google map of the 2017 Cazenovia Art Trail.

NOTE: Printed maps will be available at all Art Trail locations during the event to be held September 30 and October 1, 2017.

Link to the 2017 printable map (PDF 2.8MB).

The interactive map below shows the 2017 Cazenovia Art Trail studio and Art Hub locations as well as some points of interest.

View a larger, interactive map.



1. Cazenovia College Art Faculty Exhibit, 6 Sullivan St, Art Gallery, Reisman Hall, Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY

2. Cazenovia Artisans, 39 Albany St, Cazenovia, NY

3. Henry Drexler, Dave Porter, 46 Sullivan St, Cazenovia, NY

4. Rick Marchant and Wayne Daniels, 2 Gillette Lane, Cazenovia, NY

5. Naomi DeMuth and Roger DeMuth, 59 Chenango St, Cazenovia, NY

6. Jennifer Hooley, 6 Hurd St., Cazenovia, NY

7. Cazenovia College Student Art, 10 Albany St, Jephson Campus, Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY

8. Jude Ferencz, 4622 Syracuse Rd, Cazenovia, NY

9. Paul Parpard, 4722 Syracuse Rd, Cazenovia, NY

10. Marilyn Fegan, 1570 Route 20 West, Cazenovia, NY

11. Susan Johnson, 85 Albany St, Cazenovia, NY

12. Deborah Dougherty Wester, 59 Farnham St, Cazenovia, NY

13. Eugen Doering, 4666 Lincklaen Rd, Cazenovia, NY

14. Hongo (David Robertson), 5083 Rathburn Rd, Cazenovia, NY

15. Liz Lurie and Peter Beasecker, 5214 Irish Ridge Rd, Chittenango, NY

16. Shawn McGuire, 4872 Gorge Rd (Rt 13), Cazenovia, NY

17. Michael McBane, 132½ Albany St, Cazenovia, NY

18. Cazenovia Cut Block,, 2770 US-20, Cazenovia, NY

19. Shawn Gilmore, 3208 Route 20, Nelson, NY

20. "Art Hub" (Geoffrey Navias), at the Stone Quarry Art Park 3883 Stone Quarry Rd, Cazenovia, NY

21. "Art Hub" Cazenovia Watercolor Society, at the New Woodstock Free Library, 2106 Main St, New Woodstock, NY

22. Mary Padgett, 2514 Damon Rd, New Woodstock, NY


Pompey Historical Society - Classic Pompey Artisan Exhibit
8354 Cherry Valley Tpk (U.S. 20) Manlius, NY 13104 (5 miles west of town on Rt. 20 at Pompey Center Rd. intersection)

Empire Farmstead Brewery
33 Rippleton Rd, Cazenovia, NY

17 Rippleton Rd, Cazenovia, NY

Critz Farms
3232 Rippleton Rd, Cazenovia, NY

Our Farm
1590 Peth Rd, Manlius, NY

Farmers Market
Memorial Park, Cazenovia, NY



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