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Susan Machamer - jewelry artist


Artist Statement

I have been mystified by jewelry and body adornment for as long as I can remember.  I started collecting antique jewelry as a child.  Since then, I have been drawn to unusual jewelry.  The selection of materials and techniques for my work have a strong connection to my adoration of of natural forms and textures.  I get excited about contrasts of finished on metal surfaces.  I work mostly in sterling silver and gold and incorporate gem materials in my work often, for their color and amazing beauty.

Artistic Process

I design and fabricate my pieces by sawing, soldering and using many metalsmithing techniques along the way.  I may use a cast piece occasionally.  I make all of the elements for my pieces, except for the gem materials and other items I may be using for a particular design. 

I like learning new working techniques and utilizing various materials with the metal, so my work is always changing. 

You can see more of Susan's work at her Facebook page.

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